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Becoming aware of the many toxics all around us is a learning process that usually takes years. But I received a crash course in toxics at a very early age when my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Imagine what it’s like to see a never-ending list of allergies to medicines, to cosmetics and even to colours of clothes. My head was swimming with the idea that what we eat, smell and wear is slowly affecting our health.

My family situation led me to investigate healthy alternatives. As my passion for toxic free cosmetics grew, I looked for cosmetics that were not only not harmful, but good for you. Over time, I combined this search with my entrepreneurial spirit to create a business that would GUARANTEE all the products it sold were 100 % HEALTHY and free of toxics. was born

In a few short years, established itself as a reference for toxic free cosmetics. Our customers were clearly satisfied, but wanted more. So, I decided to take the brand a step further and create:

Cocunat Natural & Toxic Free

Cocunat brings together our experience in clean beauty and in the natural environments we know best. The magical volcanoes of the Canary Islands. The pure and rich ingredients — Olive oil, Argan, Almonds, Marigolds — of the Mediterranean. And always with the modern touch of our native Barcelona. We hope you enjoy Cocunat and the ray of sun, good vibes, and peace and calm we pack inside each of our healthy cosmetics.

Sara Werner, Cocunat CEO & Co-founder